Friedrich Franz Karl Hecker

Hecker, Friedrich Franz Karl


Born Sept. 28, 1811, in Eichtersheim; died Mar. 24, 1881, in St. Louis, USA. German petit-bourgeois democrat. A lawyer by profession.

From 1842 to 1847, Hecker was one of the leaders of the far left in the Baden Landtag. He was also a leader of the far left in the Offenburg Assembly (1847) which formulated the program of the petit-bourgeois democrats. During the Revolution of 1848-49 he advocated the proclamation of a democratic republic in Germany. He was one of the leaders of the republican revolt in Baden in April 1848. After the revolt was put down, he emigrated to Switzerland and in the fall of 1848, to the USA. He participated in the United States Civil War (1861-65) as a colonel on the side of the Northern states.


Die Erhebung des Volkes in Baden für die deutsche Republik im Frühjahr 1848. Basel, 1848.


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