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(pen name; real name unknown). Born 1234; died 1315. Armenian poet; representative of humanist anticlerical poetry.

Frik was the first Armenian poet to write in colloquial medieval Armenian. Some 45 of his poems have survived; they express the thoughts and aspirations of the people and their hatred of feudal oppression and the Mongol yoke. Such poems as “Complaints” protest against social inequality.


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C'est du frik de Bordj Bou Arreridj[beaucoup plus grand que], lui affirme le marchand.
Frik went to school in Kroonstad (where his father Piet was a revered and well-respected general practitioner).
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Frik de Beer, President of DBFL, who visited the U.
Riz, pates, frik (ble concasse), olives denoyautees, cubes de bouillon, ingredients de patisserie, tomate en conserve, fruits confits ou seches (abricots, ananas et amandes), sont achetes en grande quantite par des menageres prevoyantes.
The feasibility study should be carried out to obtain a precise cost of rehabilitation, while the study entails a tender to select a winner for its preparation, Yury Frik explained.
Until March 7 The Match: Helen Frik and Hans Hovy - Small Faces, works on paper and sculpture (Upper room)
Also honoured were Ian McGeechan, Willie-John McBride, Sir Tony O'Reilly, Syd Millar, Frik du Preez, Bennie Osler and Barry Heatlie and Bill Maclagan.
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