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Front Range,

an eastern range of the U.S. Rocky Mts., bordering the Great Plains and extending c.300 mi (480 km) S from SE Wyo. to the Arkansas River, S central Colo. It has several peaks, including Gray's Peak and Pikes PeakPikes Peak,
14,110 ft (4,301 m) high, central Colo., in the Front Range of the Rocky Mts.; discovered by U.S. explorer Zebulon Pike in 1806. There are many higher peaks in the Rockies, but this is the best known and most conspicuous because of its location on the edge of the
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, that are more than 14,000 ft (4,270 m) high. The Arkansas and the South Platte rivers are the largest streams rising in the range. Most of Colorado's population is located along the range's eastern foothills. The Front Range was scouted by U.S. explorers Zebulon Pike, in 1806–7, and Stephen Long, in 1819–20. In 1858 gold was discovered at Cripple Creek, Colo., and goldseekers rushed into the S Front Range. Most of the range is in national forests; Rocky Mt. National Park is located in the north.

Front Range


a range of the Southern Rocky Mountains in the USA. The Front Range is approximately 350 km long. It is bordered on the east by the Great Plains. Composed primarily of granites, the range reaches elevations of 4,351 m (Grays Peak). The summit plains are plateau-like. The eastern slope is relatively gently inclined, while the western slope is steep. Pine, spruce, and fir forests grow on the slopes. There are alpine meadows and névés at the summits.

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But only half the field completed the first round due to an afternoon thunderstorm - a regular occurrence at this time of the year in the front range of the Rockies.
This zone stretches over Colorado's northeastern plains, a bit of it along the Western Slope and Front Range of the Rockies, and in mild parts of river drainages such as the Snake, Okanogan, and Columbia.
Some ranchers On the front range of the Rockies in Montana have had very unpleasant run-ins with grizzly bears on their land," says Smith.
At the top of the one-year growth list is Douglas County, sandwiched between Denver and Colorado Springs along the front range of the Rockies.
Several counties along the Front Range of the Rockies are now in the eastern district instead of the western: Toole, Liberty, Pondera, Teton, and Meagher.
This type of project helps us achieve our mission as an efficient supplier of fuels to the Front Range of the Rockies and the upper Midwest," said Thurman Nance, general manager of the Borger refinery.

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