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(cell and molecular biology)
A deoxyribonucleic acid segment that will be spliced into a plasmid or bacteriophage for subsequent cloning.

What does it mean when you dream about a passenger?

A passenger is a passive participant in a vehicle that is moving along. Positively, it could be a sense of going away to a vacation spot. Alternatively, a dream about being a passenger could represent a sense of being borne along by circumstances we do not control. If we are the driver, then perhaps we are taking responsibility for the passengers.

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These include a switch that will allow mechanics to disable airbags; "smart airbags" with sensors to detect the position of the front passenger and shut off the airbag if someone is sitting too close; and airbags that inflate more slowly, but still save lives.
With the LS, around $36,000 (sedan) or $38,000 (coupe), additional gear abounds, including automatic air-conditioning, Bose system, power front passenger seat and leather upholstery.
The dealer will replace the front passenger airbag inflator with a newly manufactured one.
Nissan are conducting a voluntary safety recall campaign to address the issue identified by Takata and replace the front passenger airbag inflator.
She sat in the front passenger seat and was wearing a long dress.
He went back to the front passenger seat, so clearly there's at least one other person in the vehicle.
Also easy-entry tipping driver's seat with manual height adjustment, front passenger's underseat stowage with flip-up cushion, driver and front passenger seatback map pockets, 50:50 split/folding rear seat backs and rear-seat head restraints.
This innovative display located in the centre console allows the driver and front passenger to simultaneously view different content on the same screen.
There will also be a comprehensive array of safety features including electronic stability programme, driver and front passenger whiplash-optimised head restraints and six airbags including a deactivation switch for the front passenger airbag.
Magistrates at Llandudno heard there was a man and a girl unrestrained in the front passenger seat of the S70.
In vehicles without seatbelts, such as classic cars, children can use the back seat but they cannot sit in the front passenger seat where they must always be restrained in any car.
Stevens allegedly sat behind the victim while the other man sat in the front passenger seat.