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(From "functional widgets") Graphical user interface widgets available as The Fudget library - a toolkit for concurrent programming of graphical user interfaces, client/servers and more written in Haskell by Thomas Hallgren <hallgren@cs.chalmers.se> and Magnus Carlsson <magnus@cs.chalmers.se>.

Version: h9 1995-07-04 (Baastad Spring School Release).


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Budgeting tools like Fudget and Goodbudget allow users to make monthly budgets, and keep track of exactly how much they are spending on hidden extras like subscriptions.
Develop and recommend an annual operating expense fudget.
Due to positive initial response to Truffets and Caketts, we are confident they will be met with the same enthusiasm distributors and consumers have shown for our fat-free Fudget brownie that was introduced in the spring of 1994 and is now featured in more than 7,500 outlets nationwide," said Beychok.
Beychok said his confidence in the company's profitable growth is based on "exceptionally strong demand for the company's Fudget brand of all-natural, fat-free brownies, an accelerated national retail rollout of the product line and the introduction of additional fat-free snacks, beginning in the current second quarter.
Vitafort's Fudgets, he said, are currently featured in more than 7,500 supermarkets, mass merchandiser outlets and drug stores in the United States.
Steven Westlund, Vitafort chairman and chief executive officer, said the company's third-quarter loss was directly associated with the ongoing product development, administration and marketing of the fat-free Fudget brand brownies.
division of Price/Costco (NASDAQ:PCCW) will begin carrying Vitafort's Fudgets brand all-natural, fat-free brownies in all of its warehouse stores.
This represents the first retail warehouse distribution of our Fudgets line," said Mark Beychok, president of Vitafort International.
OTC:VFRT) Monday announced that A-1 International and U R What U Eat distributors will supply its premier product, Fudgets all-natural, fat-free brownies, to an additional 700 supermarkets and drugstores throughout Southern California.
A-1 International will deliver Fudgets to more than 50 Lucky stores, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Stores and California's largest supermarket chain; Gelson's supermarkets, a division of Arden-Mayfair; and all 107 Southern California Albertson's stores.
a wholly owned distribution subsidiary of Walmart, will be delivering Vitafort's Fudgets brand of all-natural, fat-free brownies to the Circle K chain of convenience stores.
2, 1995, and Fudgets will be available in approximately 2,500 Circle K stores by July 1995.