oil spill

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oil spill:

see water pollutionwater pollution,
contamination of water resources by harmful wastes; see also sewerage, water supply, pollution, and environmentalism. Industrial Pollution
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It is believed a nearby fuel spill may be to blame for the blast, which happened at Rockhampton Airport in July.
Aerial searches of the area where the fuel spill occurred were conducted and revealed no indication of any remaining fuel on the ocean's surface," the Navy said.
submarine and an amphibious vessel collided in the Strait of Hormuz on Friday slightly injuring 15 sailors and creating a fuel spill, the U.
He implemented a first-ever remediation project for a 12-acre fuel spill site by using available chemicals and equipment and leading a three-man application and monitoring team resulting in safer Petrolium Oil Lubricant working conditions.
LILLE, France: Two cargo ships crashed into each other off the French port of Dunkirk on Wednesday, breaching one of their hulls and causing a minor fuel spill, maritime officials said.
Miles of rocky shoreline and mangrove thickets were fouled by a fuel spill along the southwest coast, reports AP (Aug.
The CHP shut down southbound lanes for about 90 minutes while crews cleaned up a 20-gallon fuel spill.
The company said that the Maryland Aviation Administration contracted ETC to develop and conduct a series of ADMS training sessions to prepare relevant airport personnel in several different areas of airport disaster response, including a mass casualty airline crash, a terrorist related HAZMAT (hazardous material) incident and, in the most recent exercise, a fuel spill and fire at the terminal.
He told the nearest Sailor to inform the bridge and central control station (CCS) that there was a major fuel spill in the hangar and to man a 2.
Crews will train using a Boeing 737 fuselage mock-up with fires in the passenger and baggage compartments as well as a 125-foot diameter fuel spill training pit featuring a second downed aircraft with a detached wing.
Examples of specialized boat coverages not available through a homeowners policy include personal effects and fishing equipment coverage; coverage for fuel spill clean-up and wreckage removal; and Total Loss Replacement, in which Progressive will buy a customer a brand new boat if their boat needs to be replaced due to damage or theft within the first five model years.
Central Street, diesel fuel spill from tractor trailer at Shell station.