Sokoto Caliphate

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Sokoto Caliphate:

see Usuman dan FodioUsuman dan Fodio
1754–1817. Fulani religious and political leader. Beginning as an itinerant Muslim missionary in northern Nigeria, he gained a large following for his syncretic visions, establishing a base in Gudu.
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The demand for 'cattle colonies' is not an attempt to create ranches for their livestock but the animals are battling instrument for penetration, the real agenda is to spread and extend the Fulani Empire across Africa and Nigeria is a major focus now,' Akintoye avered.
The creation of the Fulani empire and Sokoto caliphate by the missionary turned revolutionary warrior was regarded as a paradigm event though, in time, Dan Fodio himself led the charge in repudiating the jihad, denouncing those committing crimes and "undertaking raids to seize women as slaves.
THE TAKING OF Kano by the West African Frontier Force signalled the end of the Fulani empire in West Africa.
Lugard's repeating-guns cut the Sultan's calvary to pieces and the last bastion of the Fulani empire in Hausaland fell.