full-motion video

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full-motion video

(FMV) Any system used to deliver moving video images and sound on a computer. Video images and sound are stored on disk; compact disc is preferred because of the amount of data required. Some form of video compression is used to reduce the amount of data and to allow it to be read from disk quickly enough. Compression can be relatively slow but decompression is done in real-time with the picture quality and frame rate varying with the processing power available, the size of the picture and whether it appears in a window or uses the whole screen.

Acorn Computers' system is called Replay and Apple Computer's is QuickTime.

Compare MPEG, H.261.

full-motion video

Video transmission that changes the image 30 frames per second (30 fps). Motion pictures are run at 24 fps, which is the minimum frequency required to eliminate the perception of moving frames and make the images appear visually fluid to the eye.

TV video generates 30 interlaced frames per second, which is actually transmitted as 60 half frames per second.

Video that has been digitized and stored in the computer can be displayed at varying frame rates, depending on the speed of the computer. The slower the computer, the more jerky the movement. Contrast with freeze-frame video.
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47-TEK is also including standard VGA/VESA and Matrox MGA Accelerated versions of Sentoo(TM), a game where mighty battle-lords use their inner spirit and pit their great strength against each other in an eons-old war between two Sentoo Masters(TM), as well as a full motion video sneak peek at a future 47-TEK title currently under development, "Hardjack(TM).
Work under this agreement has already begun in anticipation of the first shipment of Full Motion Video player cartridges for adapting existing CD-I machines to play FMV titles.
Analogous to a voice mailbox, users can choose a professionally recorded video message featuring Lisa or can customize their GlowPoint Video Mailbox by recording their own personalized outgoing full motion video messages using their existing video conferencing equipment.
As the subscriber travels through the program guide, the barker window automatically changes to a full motion video preview when the subscriber navigates within the guide.
Complementary to Concurrent's multi-media rich on-demand platform, this software technology provides an infrastructure that will also support future applications, including targeted barkers and promotions with full motion video.
The network allows advertisers to reach on-the-go consumers by providing wireless, Internet-delivered, full motion video advertising and content at the point-of-purchase.
They include a USB interface directly on the phone and have a closed circuit television (CCTV) capability with full motion video recording.
The advent of digital cameras in combination with powerful personal computers and networks has made full motion video possible.
Ezonics' EZMega Cam can be used as a fixed-focus shutter, full motion video camera or still camera with flash capabilities.
BillBoard Video, the first and only company to provide full motion video advertisements through a Wireless Media Network(TM), announced today that Roy Henke has been hired as the company's vice president of technology.