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city (1990 pop. 10,033), seat of Callaway co., central Mo., in an agricultural and farm area; inc. 1859. It has printing plants and factories that make food products, textiles, and industrial equipment. Firebricks from nearby clay beds are also produced. During the Civil War the county seceded from the United States and by treaty with the state militia formed the "Kingdom of Callaway." On Mar. 5, 1946, Winston ChurchillChurchill, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer,
1874–1965, British statesman, soldier, and author; son of Lord Randolph Churchill. Early Career

Educated at Harrow and Sandhurst, he became (1894) an officer in the 4th hussars.
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 delivered his famous "iron curtain" speech at Westminster College there. The college was also the site of a 1992 speech by former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev on the lifting of the "iron curtain," and a 1996 speech by former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher commemorating the 50th anniversary of Churchill's speech. The college houses the Winston Churchill Memorial and Library, including a reconstruction of a Christopher WrenWren, Sir Christopher,
1632–1723, English architect. A mathematical prodigy, he studied at Oxford. He was professor of astronomy at Gresham College, London, from 1657 to 1661, when he became Savilian professor of astronomy at Oxford.
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 church destroyed in the bombing of London. William Woods College and a state school for the deaf are also there.


Robert. 1765--1815, US engineer: designed the first successful steamboat (1807) and steam warship (1814)
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Hathaway hopped in the Dodge pickup and pursued Fulton, who was driving Hathaway's vehicle north on Illinois 145, according to responding Deputy Lindsay Jones in a police report.
Fulton Financial Corporation, a USD 20 billion Lancaster, PA-based financial holding company, has approximately 3,700 employees and operates more than 240 offices in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and Virginia through six subsidiary banks.
This can save Fulton time and effort during critical investigations as Avigilon Appearance Search technology intelligently analyzes video data, helping to track a persons or vehicles route and identify previous and last-known locations.
The corporation's investment management and trust services are offered at all banks through Fulton Financial Advisors, a division of Fulton Bank, N.
Fulton now seeks a third party licensee to manufacture, market, and distribute the product for him under a royalty agreement.
Commenting on the move, Fulton UK's Managing Director, Paul Richards said: "The move to the new facility has helped us to manage current demand and plan for the future.
Several surnames carry considerable weight when it comes to Fulton Mall real estate--Laboz, Chera, Jemal and Sutton among them.
Bridesmaids were Rachel Shea Creely of Madison; Erin Michelle Hollingshead of Nashville, Tennessee; Jessica Coleson Howell of Fulton; Jessica Danielle Miller of Tupelo; Jada Jamerson Mills of Fulton, Lauren Brooke Thomas of Fulton; Megan Kristina Staub of Fulton; and Catherine Foil Yates of Madison.
Fulton, who played for Brown in both the Challenge Cup final against Warrington and in the Super League play-offs, said: "My time at Huddersfield helped develop my game and I am returning to the NRL a more complete player.
Mr and Mrs Fulton have not raised any concerns over their welfare with us.
Mr Fulton, 60, a former British Army major originally from Troon, Scotland, and Mrs Fulton, 46, originally from Torquay, Devon, were arrested on November 29.
BARRY FULTON already has several million pounds of Victor Chandler's money.