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52, 53) The observed dominance of fundamental modes and seasonal variations (50, 54, 55) suggest that the source of seismic hum is atmospheric or oceanic disturbances.
2(a) and (b), the observed output far field intensities of DW1 reach the maximum at the center of the fiber core and monotonically decrease with the distance from the center of the core, showing the spatial distribution characteristic of fundamental mode.
We choose the wavelength 632 nm as it is the output of the He-Ne laser and the structure is optimized at this wavelength to support the propagation of fundamental mode only.
In order to increase the directivity, an array of microstrip patches operating in the fundamental mode can be used.
2 GHz, the wavelength of the fundamental mode in the waveguide channels is approximately equals to the thickness of the screen.
3D model of existing building is pushed by applying a lateral load based on fundamental mode in x-
The results clearly showed that the SCF was capable of stripping off high-order modes, in fact, to such an extent that only the fundamental mode remains guided, as predicted.
The ridge corresponding to fundamental mode is selected in such a manner that the resultant dispersion curve is smooth regardless of the absolute values of the amplitudes involved in this ridge.
This fundamental mode of identity and identification represents a primal merging of the self and the other.
The devices use a standard fundamental mode, inexpensive crystal to produce output clocks from 160MHz up to 200MHz.
They utilize inverted mesa and AT strip crystals to achieve pull ranges of up to [+ or -]200 ppm at 300 MHz, operating in the fundamental mode, and provide a low jitter in the 2 to 5 nanosecond range.
our researchers often find themselves working in this latter fundamental mode.

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