Fundamental Tone

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fundamental tone

[¦fən·də¦ment·əl ′tōn]
The component tone of lowest pitch in a complex tone.

Fundamental Tone


(or fundamental), the tone produced by an acoustic system when the system is vibrating at its lowest possible frequency. The pitch of the fundamental tone is determined by the natural vibration frequency of the system; hence, the pitch depends on the nature of the system itself. The term “fundamental tone” is used to designate the tone having the lowest frequency when a complex periodic vibration is expanded in a series of harmonics.

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The structuring of the twelve interlinked all-interval rows has as yet not been considered: By analogy to the overtone relationships to a fundamental tone, Stockhausen subsequently expressed the eleven intervals of the series as proportions.
Vector modulator 1 was biased in such a way as to produce cancellation of the two fundamental tones at Fl and F2.
While the levels are often set at 6 dB below the 1 dB compression point, the preferred in-house method is to reduce the level of the two fundamental tones by 10 dB to preclude any possibility of gain saturation during the brief periods when the tones are in phase and the peak envelope power (PEP) is 6 dB above the level of either tone.
They are much smaller than the fundamental tones, but have a slope of three (m = 3).
In actual practice, to measure 31M, the two fundamental tones are set at a level of 10 dB below the 1 dB compression point of the amplifier.
The simulator allows designers to specify any number of fundamental tones for analysis and to co-simulate EM, linear and non-linear circuits.
simulator allows the designer to specify any number of fundamental tones for analysis and to co-simulate EM, linear and nonlinear circuits.
HARBEC works with an unlimited number of fundamental tones so that complex systems, such as multi-channel cellular or broadcast spectra, can be accurately modeled.
For example, there is no limit to the number of fundamental tones used in the analysis.

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