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Knowledge of the environmental conditions required for fungal growth and optimum production of primary and secondary metabolites is commercially and medically important.
Another way contractors can be subject to liability is by exposing construction materials to moisture during the construction process and then using those materials only to have fungal growth at a later date.
That is where those bacterial and fungal growths cross from one hearing aid, to your hands, and then to the next hearing aid you handle.
Troy Brazil currently serves several key customers in the paint and coatings industry with important biocides and additives that provide protection from mildew, algal and fungal growth.
Improved natural fibre production through the prevention of fungal growth is explored, along with the use of genetic engineering and biotechnology to enhance desirable characteristics in natural fibres.
com) relinquishes all product claims relating to antimicrobial properties, inhibition and prevention of bacterial and fungal growth for its Self-Cleen(TM) brand coating products.
Internally, check the ground floor walls of your property for any signs of damp, fungal growth or a musty smell, which could be due to rising damp, blocked external gulley or a bridged damp proof course, externally.
Stems may develop symptoms and, in severe cases, spots develop a pinky, slimy fungal growth.
The topics include modeling soil structure and processes, the zoological generation of soil structure, biota-mineral interactions, fungal growth in soils, sensory ecology in soil space, and biological interactions within soil profiles engineered for sport and amenity use.
The scientists also observed that the beet varieties that exhibited the greatest rhizomania resistance and the best storability, as indicated by the lowest levels of fungal growth and lowest levels of weight loss from root damage, also had the highest sugar levels.
Muscle atrophy, possibly from rapid post-bite fungal growth, may keep the ants from pulling their mouthparts loose from fibrous leaf tissue once they've bitten in.
Our results show that progesterone, testosterone, andestradiol proved to reduce fungal growth, whereas, hydrocortisone had no such effect.