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At their hospitable boards I occasionally met with partners, and clerks, and hardy fur traders from the interior posts; men who had passed years remote from civilized society, among distant and savage tribes, and who had wonders to recount of their wide and wild peregrinations, their hunting exploits, and their perilous adventures and hair-breadth escapes among the Indians.
The introduction of firearms has rendered them more successful hunters, but at the same time, more formidable foes; some of them, incorrigibly savage and warlike in their nature, have found the expeditions of the fur traders grand objects of profitable adventure.
The equestrian exercises, therefore, in which they are engaged, the nature of the countries they traverse, vast plains and mountains, pure and exhilarating in atmospheric qualities, seem to make them physically and mentally a more lively and mercurial race than the fur traders and trappers of former days, the self-vaunting "men of the north.
Starting with a definition of art that would preclude photography, electronic media, and most conceptual forms, Kamhi sets about to elevate forms that have moved her in personal experience: works of Paul Gauguin, early 13th-century sculpture in Chartres Cathedral, George Caleb Bingham's 19th-century painting, Fur Traders Descending the Missouri, Pieter Bruegel's Hunters in the Snow and The Harvesters, classic Chinese work, Court Ladies Preparing Newly Woven Silk, the "Reindeer" from Font de Gaume cave in France, and others.
Fur Traders and Rendezvous: The Alfred Jacob Miller Online Catalogue will serve as a resource for those studying Miller, and a point of entry for people who wish to learn more about the world Miller painted.
The museum provides information on the Great Lakes that spans hundreds of years and comprises tales of fur traders, rum runners and operators of the Underground Railroad, which helped escaped slaves reach freedom in Canada.
The University of Oregon English professor, tapped to give the spring UO Presidential Lecture, spends his time exploring a world populated by explorers, soldiers, fur traders and "The Indian Chief as a Tragic Hero" from 300 years ago.
The network of lakes once provided travel corridors for Ojibway and fur traders who were likely either too intimidated or too wise to navigate the jungles of spruce, pine, aspen and birch--not to mention the countless bogs--that characterize the area's solid ground.
Louis and helped build the West, working as fur traders and land speculators during the period 1800-1850.
Finally, there is a brief history of the Blackfoot people from the arrival of fur traders in 1740 through the tragic whiskey trading era of the 1870s, to the arrival of the North-West Mounted Police, treaties, and making a new life for themselves on reserves.
it became a key meeting place for First Nations and fur traders.
Koalas have already suffered a long-term decline in population through hunting by fur traders and a reduction in the size of its natural habitat as a result of expanding human settlements.