further education

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further education

(in Britain) formal education beyond school other than at a university or polytechnic

Further Education (FE)

in England the sector of post-compulsory education now supported by the Further Education Funding Council (FEFC) but excluding HIGHER EDUCATION, sixth form colleges and INDEPENDENT SECTOR providers. Teaching is at a range of levels, including unaccredited courses, basic skills and level 1, 2 and 3 qualifications; and includes vocational, work-based, academic and leisure learning. The blurring of boundaries between FE and HE, particularly as result of the Further and Higher Education Act 1992, has resulted in some FE colleges providing HE courses. The latter reflects the move to MASS HIGHER EDUCATION.
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But Cleveland College of Art and Design has the third highest satisfaction rates among further education colleges in England.
The support for your learning within a further education college allows for that.
AN HISTORIC agreement has been reached between employers and trade unions in further education colleges in Wales that will see the introduction of a new "national contract" for staff across the sector.
It comes as later this year two of Wales's top-performing Further Education colleges, Deeside College and Yale College, Wrexham, are to merge.
Ms Cooper said: "This is yet another sign of the incompetence of the LSC and the inept handling of funding for Further Education colleges.
The Department for Employment and Learning is seeking to make appointments to the Governing Bodies of two Further Education colleges.
The Best Further Education College Award was made at the college's annual Student of the Year Ceremony in front of guest speaker Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson.
The results demonstrate that the college is the top performing further education college in the West Midlands, with students able to select from 50-plus courses when making their A-level choices.
It will also house a purpose-built biomechanics centre for the study of sports science, the only one of its kind in a further education college.
She had worked as an Open University tutor and lecturer at Kensington and Hammersmith further education college and was a co-founder of the Campaign for Comprehensive Education.
A FURTHER education college is beginning a new era under the leadership of its new head.
Educational publisher Heinemann is offering two awards of pounds 2,500, one to a secondary school and one to a further education college, to make this dream trip a reality.

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