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A condition marked by numerous furuncles, or the recurrence of furuncles following healing of a preceding crop.



the appearance of multiple furuncles on a circumscribed portion of skin (local furunculosis) or at different sites (general furunculosis). Local furunculosis is usually due to incorrect treatment of a furuncle and the subsequent spread of staphylococci to the surrounding skin. General furunculosis may be caused by a metabolic disorder, for example, diabetes mellitus, vitamin-A or vitamin-C deficiency, or exhaustion. The course of the disease is usually protracted and marked by recurrences. Treatment is mainly systemic and may include autohemotherapy, the administration of antibiotics or antistaphylococcal gamma globulin, the prescription of a special diet, and treatment of the primary disease.

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In our study, the relationship between the underlying disorders that led to CRF and folliculitis and furunculosis was statistically significant.
Atlantic salmon, plagued by diseases such as furunculosis in other countries, is relatively disease-free in Australia, contributing to a premium in Japan, according to an Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics report.
All salmon, for example, going from hatcheries to cages have to be tested for enteric red-mouth disease, furunculosis, and bacterial kidney disease (BRD), the latter being a particular concern because it's believed to be transferable through the egg.
He was admitted to Androva University Hospital in May 2013 with a recurrent fever and a history of furunculosis for several months.
There was no evidence of the debilitating anal furunculosis, a condition, common in the breed, where the flesh disintegrates.
A prospective multicentre observational study to evolve the usefulness of the nine predefined homeopathic medicines in Furunculosis.
A temporal pattern was found to exist between the first appearance of furunculosis and regional temperature change in the region.
ABSTRACT Furunculosis, caused by the bacterium Aeromonas salmonicida, was artificially induced in brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) in an experimental tank.
Evans pointed out that the basic paradigm for managing furunculosis and other non-life-threatening skin infections in the MRSA era hasn't changed.
Among the latter are bacterial and viral diffuse otitis externa, furunculosis, herpes zoster oticus, bullous myringitis, fungal and yeast infections, and even malignant otitis externa.
Atypical Mycobacterium furunculosis occurring after pedicures.
Until recently, the most life threatening anal condition was furunculosis.