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1. a light shoe worn by actors in ancient Greek and Roman comedy, sometimes taken to allude to comic drama in general
2. another name for windsock

wind cone

wind cone
Wind cone.
A free-rotating fabric-truncated cone that when subjected to air movement indicates wind direction and wind force. On approach charts, the wind cone is shown as. Also called a cone, sock, or wind sock.
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Comfort Kits are care packages for cancer patients of all ages that are filled with the most requested comfort items - ranging from warm, fuzzy socks to tea and stuffed animals - to ease discomfort during chemotherapy treatment.
We all know where to give money for research and where to walk or run for the cause, but what most people don't realize is that small comfort items - like fuzzy socks, tea, a journal, or a simple message of care and support - can make a world of difference in the life of a cancer patient undergoing treatment," said Carrie Varoquiers, president of the McKesson Foundation.
Together, along with local journalists, they helped create 100 "wellness bags" which will include: Lierac Paris skincare products, fuzzy socks, Steaz tea drinks, comfy gel in-soles by the Gel Doctor, and eye masks.

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