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droebachiensis sperm, the rod is further extended during the acrosome reaction, due to polymerization of G-actin in the periacrosomal cytoplasm.
Gc-globulin binds to monomeric G-actin, which is released by the action of gelsolin, a protein composed of 6 homologous domains (G1-G6).
Multiple trajectory runs for both G-actin and F-actin with aldolase were carried out to investigate the nature of interactions and determine docking modes.
This probably depends on the use of F-actin and not G-actin as antigen in the ELISA: In vitro incubation of intestinal epithelial cells with gliadin caused intracellular actin polymerization with an increase in F-actin (2), which is the real neo-epitope recognized by AAAs.