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see Group of Eight under Group of SevenGroup of Seven
(G7), international organization officially established in 1985 to facilitate economic and commercial cooperation among the world's largest industrial nations, including efforts to aid the economies of non-G7 nations.
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The US is expected to lead the residential construction industry in the G8 nations with a value of $587,802.
The US is expected to lead the beverages industry in the G8 nations with a value of $378,520.
The US is expected to lead the confectionery industry in the G8 nations with a value of $39,469.
According to UHY, many G8 nations have raised taxes over the last few years as governments have made efforts to reduce their debt levels.
The heads of the G8 nations need to come up with a plan for growth when they gather with President Obama at Camp David.
The one-hour meeting between the business leaders and the heads of the G8 nations, including Sarkozy, US president Barack Obama and British prime minister David Cameron, will focus on views for the future of Internet and on ways for governments to boost growth and innovation.
According to AIR the G8 nations called upon the countries, particularly those possessing nuclear weapons, to join disarmament efforts to promote global stability and undiminished security.
Leaders of the G8 nations, meeting in Toronto yesterday, dropped the commitment won at the Gleneagles summit to give a $50billion dollar fund to the world's poorest countries.
This will be the first time Canada has played host to the World Religions Summit 2010: Interfaith Leaders in the G8 Nations.
On June 25-26 the leaders of the G8 nations will meet in Huntsville and on June 26-27 the G20 leaders will meet in Toronto.
A joint declaration by the G8 nations called for a negotiated resolution to the standoff over Tehran's nuclear programme.
BRITAIN has won strong support from G8 nations in its row with Iran over a detained embassy employee.