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(both: gän), river, c.550 mi (885 km) long, flowing north through the plain of central Jiangxi prov., SE China, past Nanchang to Poyang lake. Despite many rapids, it is navigable for junks below Ganzhou and for steamers up to Nanchang. The lower Gan valley is fertile; rice and tea are the main crops.


Generating and Analyzing Networks. "GAN - A System for Generating and Analyzing Activity Networks", A. Schurmann, CACM 11(10) (Oct 1968).


(Generic Access Method) A standard for roaming between GSM cellular networks and wireless local networks (Wi-Fi LANs) from the 3GPP. Previously known as "Unified Mobile Access" (UMA), it allows dual-mode handsets to seamlessly switch between networks. GAN networks enable cellphones to obtain service inside buildings that might otherwise be difficult. See dual-mode handset and cellular generations.
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Ond rhaid i mi ddewis un gan, a dwi eisiau dewis rhywbeth gwahanol.
Mae'r ysgolion cynradd sy'n cymryd rhan yng nghystadleuaeth yr F1 mewn ysgolion eleni wedi gwneud yn eithriadol o dda yn nosbarth y Bloodhound gyda phob un o'r tri safle uchaf wedi eu llenwi gan dimoedd o Gymru.
Gan claims to have finished a one-year posthodentic residency program at the University of Southern California (USC).
Nos Lun fe fydd Elinor yn perfformio gwaith gan Edward Jones ar delyn Erard o 1807, ac hefyd ar delyn deires sydd hyd yn oed yn hyen.
The fabricated GaN transistor on Si with the BVB structure achieves high breakdown voltage of 2200V with the total epitaxial thickness as small as 1.
The front face of the newly developed 6in GaN substrates is a polarized c-plane.
RFMD successfully completed the process qualification of its high power GaN HEMT and announced the formation of its GaN Foundry Services business unit in June 2009.
Second, Nakamura's team formed the new laser diodes on top of a 20-millimeter-thick base of GaN specially designed to constrain the growth of crystal defects.
Research and development of LEDs on bulk GaN substrates is one of the critical approaches to the technological development of Solid State Lighting--a sentiment recently echoed by the National Academy of Sciences.
Colin Whelan, vice president of Advanced Technology in Raytheons Integrated Defense Systems business unit said: We have only scratched the surface when it comes to harnessing the game-changing power that GaN technology can bring to military applications.
Mae C6 yn ymwybodol o sut gall y diwydiannau creadigol wedd newid economi gogledd Cymru a chreu cymunedau cryfach a chynaliadwy gan warchod buddiannau'r iaith.
Inspector Noel Aparicio, 45, died on the spot after the suspect, identified as Giron Gan, shot the victim in the head while both were attending a birthday party at around 6 p.