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GFS is for a decade a company run by hoteliers for hoteliers.
As head of GFS for Asia in the past three years, West is claimed to have been instrumental in cementing Northern Trust's GFS presence, growing the business' regional hub in Hong Kong.
The College Residency program will offer the GFS LA Fellows and their families a first glimpse into the university experience," said Stephen Ujlaki, Dean of the School of Film and Television.
DoF - Fujairah is also committed to supporting the Ministry's efforts towards sustaining financial sustainability within the UAE and to meet the IMF's requirement on GFS.
GFS now has about 380 employees between San Diego and Guam, Alcorn said.
East of Chicago Director of Operations Brett Vernon described GFS as a distributor with excellent efficiency and capacity.
With Red Hat GFS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, we not only achieved those goals, but also reduced our TCO and saved tens of thousands of dollars by migrating away from a proprietary Unix environment," said Alan Alford, Senior IT Operations Manager at Polycom.
In addition to streamlining the service processes for professionals across the field organization, call center and depot, Astea Alliance will also provide the customers of EDS GFS with access to comprehensive contract and service information through the Alliance Customer Portal.
Currently, Red Hat GFS is not supported by Oracle with Oracle Database 10g, or in Oracle Grid Solutions for Intel Itanium and Intel EM64T architectures.
Ms Avella will report directly to Chris Wilcockson, Global Head of Client Services for GFS, and Robert Schultz, Head of GFS in New York.
Due to the success of the Manugistics project, GFS was able to maintain historically high customer service levels of over 98 percent while meeting the needs of seasonal patterns for customer product demand.
The testing program allows GFS to fine-tune products early in the development cycle, shortening time-to-market and ensuring high performance and reliability at deployment.