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A removable plate designed to hold other parts in place or act as a bearing or wear surface.
(mining engineering)
A temporary support at the face to prevent coal from falling before the cut is complete, either by hand or by machine.
A prop put in the holing of a seam while being undercut.
A piece of metal often used in the same hole with a wedge-shaped key for holding pieces together.


1. A steel strap used to clasp two members together.
2. Same as gib or jib door.


A backseat pilot or navigator in a two-seat tandem aircraft. Also called GIB, or guy in back.
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In addition, all machine types have unique procedures when it comes to adjusting gibs.
GIB Capital recently advised on an M&A transaction between the shareholders of General Lighting Company and Royal Philips.
In addition, GIB Capital acted as joint lead manager and joint book runner for Ajil Financial Services Company's privately placed SR500 million sukuk, issued via Ajil Cayman - a limited liability special-purpose company incorporated in the Cayman Islands.
S&P's affirmation of GIB's rating above the Bahrain sovereign rating clearly signifies that GIB's business activities and financial condition are not impacted in any way by the recent events in Bahrain," said GIB chairman Jammaz Al Suhaimi.
I am looking forward to working with Adel, who brings a wealth of experience in various banking fields," said GIB chief executive officer Dr Yahya Alyahya.
We are delighted with the outcome of this bond issue," said GIB chief executive officer, Dr Yahya A Alyahya.
2 per cent stake in GIB and S&P therefore classifies GIB as a government-related entity (GRE).
We are very pleased with this additional recognition of GIB's leading role in investment banking and the arrangement of sukuk issuances," said GIB chief executive Dr Yahya Alyahya.
Jammaz bin Abdullah Al Suhaimi, Chairman of GIB, said, "The sukuk programme represents a strategic move to tap into the ringgit market to diversify funding avenues and currencies for the bank.
Through our Saudi-based subsidiary, GIB Financial Services Company (GIBFS), GIB played the role of financial adviser, lead manager and co-underwriter for the $231 million initial public offering by Abdullah A M Al Khodari Sons Company, the largest premium IPO in Saudi Arabia during 2010.
Bahrain-based GIB picked itself, as well as JPMorgan Chase, National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Barclays, Standard Chartered and Societe Generale to arrange the deal, the sources said.
GIB's Riyadh Branch appointed GIB Financial Services (GIBFS) as the mandated lead arranger of the bond issue.