Government National Mortgage Association

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Government National Mortgage Association:

see under Federal National Mortgage AssociationFederal National Mortgage Association
(FMNA), commonly known as Fannie Mae,
government-sponsored enterprise that is the largest purchaser and guarantor of home mortgages in the country. Headquartered in Washington, D.C.
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GNMA __ un = GNMA __ liq - norm __ liq*GNMA __ stk __ lag.
Not surprisingly, given GNMA's focus on government-backed loans, the HMDA data indicate that GNMA is supporting home purchase loans made to low- or moderate-income, and to a lesser extent minority households, relatively more often than are other secondary market institutions.
PTC was established in March 1989, as successor to the Mortgage-Backed Securities Clearing Corporation (MBSCC), to address a variety of inefficiencies in the process of physical delivery of GNMA I securities.
Refinancing coupons are composed of GNMA 9 percent to 10 percent coupons and conventional 8.
compare an issuer's portfolio statistics against established GNMA norms to provide a basis for analysis of the portfolio's condition;
Nevertheless, in 1989 and 1990 MBA approached GNMA with requests to reduce the minimum number of loans in GNMA pools and increase the percentage that a single loan could represent in a pool.
Because of this volatility, the likelihood of an institution defaulting its portfolio to GNMA is greater for the smaller portfolio groups.
If the Company is not successful in remedying the effects of the GNMA termination, and as a result is unable to continue as a GNMA issuer/servicer, such failure would have a material adverse effect on the Company.
This year, GNMA is working with industry representatives to produce an acceptable acknowledgment agreement.
Because the after-tax yield of the AAA-rated insured bonds (7%) is greater than the after-tax yield of the GNMA bonds (6.
Investment Management, which will rebrand as Voya Investment Management in May 2014, today announced that the ING Intermediate Bond Fund, W (IIBWX) and ING GNMA Income Fund, I (LEINX) have been named the number one performers in their respective categories by the Lipper Fund Awards 2014 for the three-year period ending December 31, 2013.