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a person who hunts with a rifle or shotgun



a sailor in the Russian Navy (from the early 18th century to 1917) and in several foreign navies who is specially trained to fire ship guns. There were the ranks of gunner and senior gunner.

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27) The GNR used the "authentic experience" of meeting Indians as a selling point.
The bulk of discrepancies, however, were with the GNR data itself.
It also helps GNR navigate a technical quirk that was unique to .
The rocker, who always does things his way, started the 1992 - the last - GNR tour in April of that year, and the band's album wasn't done until September.
Since the first WIT GNR and Woodstock were both held in 1969, we felt is was appropriate to celebrate with the theme of "WITStock" for WIT's 40th Anniversary GNR," Formanek said.
This new course, which we are launching today, is designed to allow a reinforcement of 600 elements for the GNR so that 500 more guard soldiers can join the Intervention, Protection and Relief Group and another 100 guard soldiers can join in the Protection of Nature and Environment Service, "he said.
Despite Metro's inability to add the numbers up, ie GNR + SAFC, I was proud to get to the finish line for the 35th time.
When you are doing pop stuff, or songs that everybody knows and expects to hear faithfully - like from the GNR classics, you can't really mess with those because people will get upset - but with this every night is different.
G2'R are also mirror images to classic GNR, with ever-changing authentic stage outfits to catch the era and stage performances down to the last detail.
Musician-songwriter Chris Weber, who played with Rose in a band that was a precursor to GNR, and his manager, Gregory Ehrlich, started the civil action aimed against Rose two weeks ago.
Simulation of a tactical police incident carried out by the GNR and PSP special operations groups at Coina train station, Setbal, 16 November 2017
At the GNR last year, got from Newcastle to South Shields in less time running than the Metro my wife was on took