GNU assembler

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GNU assembler

(GAS) A Unix assembler for the GNU project. Many CPU types are handled and COFF and IEEE-695 formats are supported as well as standard a.out.

Current version 2.2 ported to Sun-3, Sun-4, i386, 386BSD, BSD/386, Linux, PS/2-AIX, VAX, Ultrix, BSD, VMS.

The assembler has been merged with GNU Binutils.

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Sourcery CodeBench Lite: A free command-line based development tool chain for embedded C/C++ that includes GNU C and C++ compilers, a GNU assembler and linker, a GNU debugger and C and C++ runtime libraries.
Sourcery G++ includes GNU C/C++ compilers, GNU assembler and linker, runtime libraries, a source- and assembly-level debugger, support for Microprocessor Debug Interface (MDI) to connect to MIPS System Navigator(TM) Probes and MIPSsim(TM) simulator, and, optionally, an Eclipse-based IDE.