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GPRS networks: Functional components of a GPRS packet network principles and demonstration of sharing GPRS radio resources between mobiles provision of logical control and data channels LLC and RLC protocols introduction to GPRS channel coding.
Without question, GPRS is a key milestone in the path to full broadband mobile Internet connectivity," said Allen Nogee, senior analyst at Cahners In-Stat.
One of the first customers for the Sierra Wireless AirCard 700 series will be AT&T Wireless, as part of a recently updated agreement with Sierra Wireless to supply GPRS products.
The Lipman 8320 GPRS is the perfect choice in terminals wherever dial-up service is not available.
Nokia is at the forefront of development and implementation of GPRS infrastructure for mobile operators.
Provides a layered view of the GPRS protocol and deals in detail with each layer separately
GPRS Revenue Collector and Formatter has been licensed by First Cellular of Southern Illinois, the only locally owned and operated wireless provider in the region.
Ericsson Mobile Platforms is licensing its GPRS platforms, which are feature rich, complete and well-proven GSM/GPRS platforms from Ericsson.
We are experiencing positive results over properly tuned GPRS systems -- both in laboratory testing and in the field using live networks.
We are glad to be getting a test tool like this for our lab, so that we can perform industry benchmarking tests for scaling GPRS networks," said Carsten Rossenhovel, managing director at EANTC AG -- European Advanced Networking Test Center, an independent test lab based in Berlin, providing conformance, performance and interoperability tests for manufacturers and service providers.
Delivering the highest quality of service and ensuring a positive customer experience are critical components of our GPRS strategy," said Keld Schmidt-Moller, head of data switching department in TDC Mobile.