vehicle tracking

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vehicle tracking

Monitoring the location of a truck, car or any moving vehicle using the GPS system. Widely deployed to keep track of truck fleets, vehicle tracking ensures that the vehicles are being used properly and that they can be recovered in the event they are stolen.

Relay in Real Time
Vehicle tracking relies both on the Global Positioning satellites (GPS) and a cellular system. A tracking module in the vehicle continuously picks up the GPS coordinates that indicate the real-time location of the vehicle. Using a cellular data service, the coordinates are immediately transmitted to the tracking company's computers. Customers log in to the tracking company website to see their vehicles on road maps, similar to in-dash and handheld GPS-based navigation systems (see navigation system and GPS).

No Relay - Report Later
There are non-real-time tracking systems in which the in-vehicle module records the coordinates, but does not relay them for real-time monitoring. The data are downloaded from the module when the vehicle is returned at the end of the trip. See mobile positioning.

GPS Tracking in Real Time
Real-time tracking uses both GPS and cellular systems to relay vehicle coordinates to the tracking service.

T-Mobile's SyncUp DRIVE
Plugged into the OBD port, the SyncUp provides a virtual fence that alerts the user when arriving or departing. It is also used for monitoring business trips, vehicle maintenance while providing a Wi-Fi hotspot for passengers. See OBD.
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It took another six months to work out how to install the custom-made GPS tracker so it was protected without blocking its satellite signal.
The police arrested a La Crosse man serving jail time on electronic monitoring after his GPS tracker showed him inside a North Side church when it was burglarized last week.
It's specially designed as a safety GPS tracker for parents so they'll always know where their child is at any time of day.
Scout is the smallest and most lightweight GPS tracker yet," said Marty Wynkoop, BluAzu's COO.
The officer said he did not spot Lance Corporal Edward Maher was no longer moving because he had not "hovered the mouse (cursor)" over the reservist's GPS tracker, monitored on his computer while sitting in the command vehicle.
The officer replied: "I was content the position was suitable - from aHe said he did not spot L/Cpl Maher was no longer moving because he had not "hovered the mouse (cursor)" over the reservist's GPS tracker, monitored on his computer while sitting in the command vehicle.
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When Matt Asner's autistic son wandered away from the family home, Asner, executive director of Autism Speaks Southern California in Los Angeles, wished his child had been wearing a GPS tracker.
LBT GPS tracker devices have been designed to significantly increase situational awareness by providing highly accurate location information for monitoring vehicles, mobile assets, as well as work crew personnel.