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Major features include support for GSS-API V2, Data Encryption Standard (DES), Triple DES, Public Key and secondary authentication devices, such as token and smart cards.
Our goal is to make ICF as pervasive as possible, and we think the net result of supporting such open standards as GSS-API will be an extensive set of encryption-empowered technology stemming from our framework.
Additionally, CyberSAFE provides an Application Security Toolkit for keberizing applications, which includes the GSS-API.
In this optional configuration, the standard remote procedure call (RPC) used in OpenVEvent Manager is replaced with a secured RPC from OpenVSecure providing users with user authentication services, data encryption and data integrity via the GSS-API.
o Generic Security Services Application Programming Interface (GSS-API) for PCs -- Bull's unique implementation of the GSS-API -- makes it possible from AccessMaster to use DCE on a PC without purchasing and integrating a costly interface.
Oracle customers will be able to leverage DCE security services and the GSS-API (Generic Security Services Application Programming Interface) directly through future versions of Oracle7's Secure Network Services using centralized Security Servers.
The security services provided include the GSS-API applications development tool, enabling encryption technology to be imbedded in custom built applications.