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Oryx GTL has hosted a delegation from Uzbekistan GTL visiting the company's plant in Ras Laffan Industrial City as part of stakeholder relations and sharing knowledge and experience to improve the global GTL industry.
Project status of small scale GTL in the current economic climate
Shell was involved in the nine-year consultation process, having first proposed the creation of a specification in 2007, before the largest GTL facility, Pearl GTL, came on stream in Qatar.
With the advent of stricter emission regulations and requirements for superior performing lubricants, there is an upsurge in appetite for high-quality refined products, for specialty industrial and domestic applications, leading to a significant demand-driven opportunity for GTL products".
Dennis Cheong Shell vice president supply chain said: "Shell lubricants has a strong and dependable global supply chain producing high quality products and providing consistent delivery to our customers: these GTL base oil hubs are an integral part of this.
Since 2010, Madina and Hertel have been providing services to Pearl GTL.
CompactGTL Chairman Tony Hayward and Minister Uzakbay Karabalin have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation to support the development and implementation of innovative associated gas processing technologies in Kazakhstan with the implementation of the world's first commercially deployed small scale GTL plant.
Tasweeq CEO Sd Al-Kuwari, said, "The State of Qatar has entrusted Tasweeq with the export of GTL Naphtha and Jet Fuel.
GTL Jet Fuel is one of the five main products produced by the Qatar Petroleum -- Shell Pearl GTL plant in Ras Laffan, the largest GTL production facility in the world.
The GTL process converts natural gas into refined liquid fuels, such as kerosene and diesel.
With these plants averaging a combined production of more than 170,000 barrels a day of high-quality GTL products, we are determined to keep the momentum going through sustaining the highest standards of safety, efficiency and reliability from both projects," said Al Mohannadi.
The first-ever World GTL Congress has attracted the attention of many top figures of the oil and gas world to discuss the future of the industry.