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Securus uses its own trained field technicians versus GTL farming that out to non-employees;
From financial transactions from any source to visitation and other forms of communication, GTL Data IQ draws connections where humans and other, less powerful software see none.
Pearl GTL involved all aspects of the gas value chain and achieved a record-breaking HSE performance.
GTL technology is a process which helps to convert natural gas into petroleum products like diesel fuel and naphtha.
Speaking at the Oryx GTL Majlis Series at the World Petroleum Congress, Gary von Berg, marketing manager said: "A decision was made early on that we would allow as many buyers as possible to access the products, thereby setting the platform for Oryx GTL to pioneer the development of, and interest in these products in the market place, and start positioning Qatar as the world's GTL capital.
It highlights real progress towards realising our ambition of becoming the GTL capital of the world.
GTL plants would be the answer to growth in demand for middle distillates and eliminates the need for construction of a $2 bn new refinery in the coming five years.
Rollo Sparkes, Head of Content, Energy and Utilities, SMi Group, commented: "The purpose of the event is that we are bringing the GTL community from all over the world to London.
The inaugural fueling of a Qatar Airways aircraft with GTL jet fuel at the airport was attended by Qatari government.
Wael Sawan, appointed executive vice president of Shell in Qatar and managing director of Pearl GTL says: "The sale of the first commercial cargo of normal paraffin from Pearl GTL plant is an important milestone for the QP/Shell partnership marking the start of marketing of another gas-derived product to a global customer base.
The GTL produced in Qatar is for export markets, unlike the output from Malaysia.
On September 14, 2015, GTL issued a press release that had some clearly misleading and inaccurate statements -- the primary purpose of our press release is to correct GTL's errors.