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gaboon, okoume

A wood resembling African mahogany but softer and lighter in weight.
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The wood-based board materials used in the experiments included chipboard (CB), MDF, and gaboon mahogany plywood (GMP; Aucoumea klaineana) with thicknesses of 14, 16, and 18 mm according to TS 64-5 (EN 622-5; Turkish Standards Institution [TSE] 1999) and TS 4645 (EN 636; TSE 2005).
The Gaboon viper, and Bitis gabonica: hemorrhagic, metabolic, cardiovascular and clinical effects of the venom.
Initially, du Chaillu's attention is drawn by the dietary habits of the Africans he meets at the Gaboon river.
They presented them with models of dangerous venomous snakes, two gaboon vipers and one rhinoceros viper.
It's more probable to bump into a Gaboon viper, in which case the shotgun is OK, provided its not too late.
and that it will lend The Gaboon Figure to the Museum of Modern Art every three years for a period of three months if requested to do so.
The Gaboon is an African pit viper that spends most of its time motionless, lying in wait on its prey.
Officers who raided his home in Basildon, Essex, found scorpions venomous enough to kill humans, a gaboon viper, the most poisonous viper, and a spitting cobra among dozens of deadly animals.
The 24 licensed poisonous snakes include mangroves, copperheads, rattlesnakes, cobras, sidewinders, puff adders, gaboon vipers, white lipped vipers and pernguey adders.
Among the timbers we worked with were mahogany from the tropics, maple from Canada, oak from France, bass from the Mediterranean countries, birch from Scandinavia, gaboon from Africa, and many more.