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Spain: see CádizCádiz
, city (1990 pop. 156,903), capital of Cádiz prov., SW Spain, in Andalusia, on the Bay of Cádiz. Picturesquely situated on a promontory (joined to the Isla de León, just off the mainland), it is today chiefly a port exporting wines and other
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Gadir completed the rout when he made it 6-0 from 12 yards a minute from time as the Glens wilted MACCABI HAIFA: Davidovich, Teixeira, Culma Jairo, Dvalishvili, Shahbary, Masilela, Katan, Keinan, Kayal, Rafaelov, Meshumar GLENTORAN: Morris, Nixon, Neill, Clarke, Leeman, Ward, Fordyce, Hamilton, Waterworth, Taylor, Black.
David Naranjo, CEO of Gadir Solar said, "We chose Air Products for their reliability, safety record, engineering expertise, and experience on the thin-film PV platform technology.
Abdel Gadir Salim was brutally stabbed in a nightclub in Khartoum by a fundamentalist campaigning against music.
Ahmed provided a bank-account number for Zema Gadir.
TRUBBACH, Switzerland -- Oerlikon Solar, the world's leading supplier of thin film silicon photovoltaic (PV) production equipment, today announced that Gadir Solar is using its amorphous thin film silicon PV technology at the solar fabrication plant located in the bay of Cadiz, Spain.
Along with Gadir, the PCRF has treated thousands of children by providing medical missions in Palestine, where doctors from all over the world visit the country, offering surgeries, expertise and training otherwise not available.
RELIEF: Munire with Ali, 7, Gadir, 5, and his mother Roselyn
The six expelled members were Agustin Arroyo of Ecuador, Zein El Abdin Gadir of Sudan, Jean-Claude Ganga of the Republic of Congo, Lamine Keita of Mali, Sergio Santander of Chile and Paul Wallwork of Samoa.
Boss Abdul Wahab Abdul Gadir said: "We need more time in training in order to create the necessary harmony and mutual understanding between the new and old players of the team as we have signed new players, local and foreigners.
the region also witnessed tribal clashes Abdelkarim said the state agriculture minister Gadir Ali Zakin has been chosen to lead a committee to manage tribal clashes between Salamat and Misseriya which initially started in Central Darfur state.
Meanwhile, Shadi Abdel Gadir, 22, Omar Nagmeloin Almagboul, 20, and Mohamed Kabashiwere, 23, appeared at a London court on Saturday charged with failing to disclose information in connection with the attacks.
Those members recommended for expulsion were Ganga, Agustin Arroyo of Ecuador, Zein El Abdin Ahmed Abdel Gadir of Sudan, Lamine Keita of Mali, Charles Mukora of Kenya and Sergio Santander of Chile.