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(computer science)
A set of Chinese characters that are employed by users of the Chinese language to code information in computer programs and on visual displays.


(human language, character)
/kahn'jee/ (From the Japanese "kan" - the Chinese Han dynasty, and "ji" - glyph or letter of the alphabet. Not capitalised. Plural "kanji") The Japanese word for a Han character used in Japanese. Kanji constitute a part of the writing system used to represent the Japanese language in written, printed and displayed form. The term is also used for the collection of all kanji letters.

US-ASCII doesn't include kanji characters, but some character encodings, including Unicode, do.

The Japanese writing system also uses hiragana, katakana, and sometimes romaji (Roman alphabet letters). These characters are distinct from, though commonly used in combination with, kanji. Furigana are also added sometimes.
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When Hussain gained the upper hand at 2-1, Al Gaizi played some good safety shots but failed to stop his opponent from claiming a place in the next round.
Omar Al Gaizi Human Resources & Administration Manager at EIB Noted, "Emirates Islamic Bank firmly encourages the development of its employees by offering the means and support to our staff who are interested in enhancing their skills.
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Tareq Mattar drew top seeded Mohammad Mustafa Shehab as his next opponent after scoring a 3-1 victory over Jamal Haider while Mohammad Al Gaizi whitewashed Abdullah Al Mansouri 3-0 and will now meet fifth seeded Mohammad Hussain.