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Galaction, Gala


(pseudonym of Grigore Pişculescu). Born Apr. 16, 1879, in the village of Dideşti-Teleorman; died Mar. 8, 1961, in Bucharest. Rumanian author, academician of the Rumanian Academy of Sciences (1947), deputy to the Great National Assembly (1948-52). Theologian by education.

His early novellas on historical and folklore themes, such as By the River Vodislava (1910), The Little Church in Râzoare (1914), and The Bells of the Neamtju Monastery (1916) are full of Christian morality. He welcomed the October Revolution in Russia in the book The New World (1919). In his novels Roxana (1931) and Doctor Taifun (1933), he combines criticism of bourgeois society with promotion of Christian asceticism.


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Chipuri şi popasuri [Bucharest] 1969.
In Russian translation:
“Rasskazy.” In the collection Rumynskie povesti i rasskazy, vol. 2. Moscow, 1959.


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74) The young clergyman Gala Galaction pointed out that, given the state of the clergy, it was advisable to modify the Synodal Law: "Even if the arguments presented by Bishop Gherasim were completely valid, we cannot share his conclusion and reject the bill, because the state in which the speaking flock finds itself is so sad that we cannot stay the same.
Un prim document este sumarul sedintei Sfantului Sinod al Bisericii Ortodoxe Romane, din 16 mai 1925 (20), in care se arata, printre altele, ca un manuscris al Noului Testament, in traducerea lui Gala Galaction, urma a fi trimis la tipar, dar cum Fundatia Principele Carol, proprietara manuscrisului, nu avea banii necesari tiparirii, partea financiara urma a fi acoperita de Institutul Biblic.
Relatiile cu repere autohtone sunt adesea insolite ("Mi se pare atit de primitiv si citesc prozele satesti ale lui Galaction in aeroport, intre avioane, intr-o lume incarcata de electronica") si uneori revendicative ("distihurile paradoxiste--pe care putini romani le inteleg/accepta.
In 1926 a new university was settled in town--Silver Coast Free University--a reason for the Romanian intellectualities to come to conferences: Nae Ionescu, Gala Galaction, Ion Pillat, Mihail Jora, Tudor Vianu, Cezar Petrescu.
These clerics were led by the monk Glicherie Tanase and afterwards by the bishop Galaction Cordun (starting with the year 1955).
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