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C6H14O5N A crystalline amino acid derivative of galactose; found in bacterial cell walls.



(also chondrosamine, 2-amino-2-deoxygalactose), an amino sugar; first isolated from cartilaginous tissue. A strong base, readily soluble in water, and optically active.

An important derivative of glactosamine is N-acetyl-galactosamine, which is present as a repeating unit in chondroitin; N-acetylgalactosamine sulfate is present in chondroitin sulfates and keratosulfate. Along with glucosamine, galactosamine is a structural element in the polysaccharide of group-specific mucoids in humans and animals and also as part of the specific polysaccharide of pneumococci.

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Sowden and Ivarson (1974) demonstrated that little if any galactosamine is synthesised by fungi during fungi-inoculated incubation experiments.
Glucosamine seems to be more stable than galactosamine and muramic acid, because it occurs in recalcitrant glomaline, a glycoprotein produced in the soil by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (Wright and Upadhyaya 1996).
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But there is more to it than just enjoying sufficient glucosamine and galactosamine within your joints.
In basic terms, the electrical charge attaches to glucosamine and galactosamine.
Galactosamine treatment leads to hepatitis associated with necrosis and inflammation, but a high degree of interanimal variation is well known (Vomel and Platt 1986).
Age-dependent phagocytosis of erythrocytes by the isolated perfused rat liver after galactosamine hepatitis and alpha-aphthylisothiocyanate cholestasis.
3 C-100 Carbohydrate Inhibitory concentration (mM) (a) Glucose N1 (b) Galactose 25 Mannose NI Fructose NI Lactose NI Glucosamine NI Galactosamine NI Fucose NI Arabinose NI Melibiose NI Glucuronic acid NI Xylose NI Mannosamine NI Mannitol NI (a) All the sugars except galactose, could not inhibit the hemagglutination activity even at 200 mM.
05 for carriers) and relatively smaller amounts of the disaccharide sulfated at the C-6 position of the galactosamine unit ([DELTA]Di-6s, -7% for PXE and -6% for carriers) with a significant decrease of nonsulfated disaccharide [[DELTA]Di-Os, -59% (P <0.
Moreover, it has a lower number of sulfated groups in position 6 of the galactosamine and a higher degree of sulfation in position 4 of the same monosaccharide unit.
2008) as well as (b) hepatoprotective activity using Male Sprague-Dawley rats induced with galactosamine and lipopolysaccharide (Kinoshita et al.