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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Galahad, asteroid 2,082 (the 2,082nd asteroid to be discovered, on October 17, 1960), is approximately 14 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 5 years. Galahad was named after the knight of the Round Table. J. Lee Lehman associates this asteroid with the challenge of merging action and contemplation, with reminders that movement through life is a spiritual process. Jacob Schwartz gives the astrological significance of Galahad as “a mystical union between human and deity, merging action with contemplation.”


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The commercial blurb describes Galahad as "golden in colour, this delicious lager has a sweet aroma and a light, hoppy aftertaste, giving way to a moderate bitter finish.
Galahad follows Lamont Peterson, Andre Berto, James Toney, Roy Jones Jnr and Fernando Vargas, to name just a few who have tested positive in recent times.
He explained that Rouell was on the Sir Galahad with other members of his regiment on June 9, 1982.
The dust jacket touts Mortimer as one of the foremost experts on World War II special operations; but this book contains no detailed discussion of the recruitment, selection, training, tactics or mission of Unit Galahad.
Home favourite Galahad dominated virtually from the start, and the durable Prado had no answer for the speed and skill of his opponent.
The Sir Galahad came under attack in Port Pleasant in June 1982, causing the death of 22 members of his platoon and Mr Weston suffered 46% burns to his body and face.
Sir Galahad the Good came to my mind as I was watching, with deep sadness, the necrological services honoring a good man, Secretary Jesse Robredo.
The death toll on the Sir Galahad - which was attacked six days before Argentina surrendered - accounted for around a fifth of the total British casualties from the conflict.
Guardsman David died aged 21 when Argentine planes bombed the landing ship Sir Galahad on June 8, 1982.
Galahad has great potential but he favours punch volume over power, resultinginjustfour career KOs.
Despite the wide range of interests, Barfield's marginalia point to a decided preoccupation with the following characters and following themes: Galahad and the Siege Perilous, various characters' use of prophecy, a comparison of Galahad and Lancelot, Balin's dolorous stroke and its consequences, and Arthur's family.
Witnessing the bombing of Royal Navy warship Sir Galahad is something Samuel McComiskey will never forget.