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That was almost double the previous world record price for a single rare bulb of Galanthus Green Tear, which sold for PS360 in 2011.
The name itself was designed to impress, mixing up the Latin for snowdrop, galanthus, with the phile bit, which is Greek for lover.
Galanthus nivalis occurs over vast areas of Europe right through to the Ukraine and has become naturalised not only in Britain and Ireland but also in Scandinavia, Holland and even regions of the United States.
Snowdrops, Galanthus nivalis, often produce the earliest bloom from a spring bulbous plant.
Snowdrops scientific name is Galanthus nivalis, 'Galanthus' meaning milk flower for obvious reasons.
1 GALANTHUS NIVALIS (SNOWDROP): A real classic - their teardrop-like white flowers nod gently in the breeze.
I started with Galanthus elwesii, a wild snowdrop from the Balkans.
springing into action: There are early snowdrops, always just a few, probably a form of galanthus elwesii.
We have the classic singleflowered Galanthus nivalis, which will give you simple good looks and a sweet scent of honey.
But one major benefit of the popular Galanthus, the botanical name for snowdrop, is that the extract Galanthamine is being used as a potential treatment for Alzheimer's.