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Galaxy Note

A family of popular Android-based phablets and tablets from Samsung. The first Note was introduced in 2011 with a 5.3" screen and "S Pen" stylus for drawing and handwriting. Based on the Wacom digitizer tablet interface, the S Pen can also be used for tapping icons and menus instead of using fingers. The original Note was followed by enhancements in the Note II, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8 (there was no 6). The Note 4 Edge added rotating toolbars on one curved side (see image below), and the Note 7 included the edge function.

Note 8 - Latest Note
Introduced in 2017, the Note 8 is Samsung's flagship smartphone. The Note 8 superseded the Note 5 (there was no 6), and the 7 was a huge failure (see next paragraph). The Note 8 is similar to the Galaxy S8+ but with an S Pen stylus, which is what makes all Notes unique. The Note 8 features dual SIM cards, dual screen resolutions and dual cameras, the latter with telephoto lens, 2x optical zoom, f1.7 aperture and adjustable background focus (see bokeh). See Galaxy S.

Note 7 - Great Device, Awful Flaw
Praised as the best Samsung phone ever, some batteries in the Note 7 were exploding or burning while charging, and Samsung initiated a global recall. Erring on the side of caution, several airlines banned their use in flight. However, after replacement units had problems, Samsung ceased all production of the 7 in October 2016. See phablet and Note Edge.

Note Tablets
Starting in 2012, Samsung released tablets with a stylus under the Galaxy Note brand and screen size, such as Note 8.0, Note 10.1 and Note 12.2. Therefore, a Galaxy Note 8 can refer to a smartphone or tablet.

NOTE PHABLETSMax Storage         Screen            RAM    (GB)Model    Size  Resolution (GB) Int. Ext.

 Note     5.3"  1200x800    1   32   64
 Note II  5.5"  1280x720    2   64   64
 Note 3   5.7"  1920x1080   3 64   64
 Note 4   5.7"  2560x1440  3  32 128
 Note 5   5.7"  2560x1440   4   64   --
 Note 6 - never made
 Note 7 - 5.7"  2560x1440   4   64  256
 Note 8 - 6.3"  2960x1440   6   64  256

The S Pen Difference
What sets the Note line apart is Samsung's S Pen, which is used to draw, write and annotate on the screen. (Image courtesy of Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.,

The Note Influenced Other Phone Makers
The large screens on early Notes and other Galaxy models quickly became popular and induced Apple to offer a phablet in 2014 (see iPhone 6).

The Wrap-Around Edge
The Note Edge added rotating toolbars on a novel, curved screen (see Note Edge). (Image courtesy of Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.,
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