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A yellowish to brownish gum resin derived from Ferula galbaniflua, a perennial herb of western Asia; used in medicine.



a gum resin derived from plants of the genus Ferula of the family Umbelliferae. It is obtained mainly from the Ferula galbaniflua, which grows on dry steppe slopes in the mountains of Turkmenia and Iran, by tapping the stems or from the natural excrescences formed in places harmed by insects. Galbanum has a yellow-brown color, a carrot-like odor, and a bitter taste. It contains 24-66 percent resin, 11-19 percent gum, and 6-10 percent essential oils.

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Galbanum (Eerula gummosa) was esteemed for its medicinal and spiritual properties.
Concocted by Givau-dan's Daniela Andrier, Untitled has top notes of galbanum essence and orange blossom absolute; a heart of lentiscus, jasmine and galbanum resinoid and a dry-down of incense and musk.
The lush floral heart blossoms forth as a bouquet featuring Jasmine in a whirlwind of Rose, Hyacinth, Peony and Ylang, enhanced by "peach fuzz" effects or floral nectars, plus a vibrant luminosity intensified by Galbanum.
Their Call It A Night sleep-priming body lotion (pounds 18, Frasers) contains nature's soothing night clones of vanilla, cinnamon, bark, galbanum, valerian and orange bitter.
A few such oils were frankincense, myrrh, galbanum, cinnamon, cassia, rosemary, hyssop and spikenard.
Created in collaboration with perfumer Daphne Bugey of Firmenich, 'a scent by issey miyake' features fresh notes of Hyacinth and Galbanum setting the fragrance's green, floral, delectable tone, enlivened by vivacious hints of Verbena and Jasmine.