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Rome's Christian Empress: Galla Placidia Rules at the Twilight of Empire
Previously obscure periods, such as Hantars Surrealist phase between 1952 and 1955, were given unprecedented coverage, and long-separated paintings were reunited--some, as in the case of the pivotal Peinture (Ecriture rose) and A Galla Placidia, both 195859, for the first time since they left the painter's studio.
Hanging directly beside it, the slightly smaller A Galla Placidia revealed a surface layered with minuscule touches of paint strongly reminiscent of mosaic (a resonance reinforced by the title, given in honor of the fifth-century mausoleum at Ravenna).
be asleep and dreaming of the tomb of Galla Placidia in
One of the captives they had taken in Rome was Honorius's 20-year-old half-sister Galla Placidia, who was respectfully treated.
In 414 Athaulf married Galla Placidia, who thus became queen of the Visigoths.
Another class of building is represented by the small cruciform structure originally annexed to a basilica built in Ravenna by the princess Galla Placidia.
Gregory of Nyssa's sister, Macrina, exemplifies a female ascetic, the abbess Egeria a female pilgrim, and Galla Placidia an empress.
411); reputedly deeply in love with Honorius' sister, Galla Placidia, he served Honorius as a loyal subordinate for many years; as consul and patrician of the empire (414), he drove the Goths from most of Gaul (414-415), and concluded his war with them by a favorable treaty (416); finally married Galla Placidia (417) while serving as consul for a second time; closely involved in the arrangement whereby the Visigoths received Aquitania (south-western France) and largely left Spain (418-419); appointed coemperor with the title of Augustus in Rome (February 8, 421); died, apparently of natural causes, at Ravenna (September 2).