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, city (1991 pop. 92,772), S Ont., Canada, on the Grand River, NW of Hamilton. It was formed in 1973 with the amalgamation of Galt, Hespeler, and Preston, all founded in the early 19th cent., and parts of Waterloo and North Dumfries townships.
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, Ont., Canada.
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16), die Zierleistenapplikationen auf Asva-Topfen galten mitunter als hallstattische Neuerungen.
161) Die dort auftretenden Merkmale Besenstrich, Textilabdruck und Grubchenzier galten bereits als allgemeinkulturelle Marker sowohl der Asva-Keramik (ceramics of Asva-type) als auch der epineolithischen 'Kummerkeramik' der osteuropaischen Waldzone (Jaanusson 1981; 1985, 39).
8000 Aarhus C, DK-8200 Aarhus N, 8220 Brabrand, 8260 Viby, 8381 Mundelstrup, 8382 Hinnerup, 8462 Harlev, 8464 Galten and 8471 Sabro.
Grubchenreihen), die bisher als alterbronzezeitlich galten (z.
Q: Why did the university replace such popular individuals as Director John Galten and Associate Director John Hamlon?
19 that institute director John Galten and assistant director John Hamlon had been ousted and replaced with history professor Paul Murphy.
Galten said, "Over the past 25 years the institute has been assaulted by members of the Jesuit community.
In response to the administration's financial rationale, Galten told NCR, "The institute has always more than paid for itself.
In the NCR interview, Galten said, "I deferred to the faculty to make academic decisions.