Nintendo DS

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Nintendo DS

A family of popular, handheld game consoles from Nintendo that features dual screens (the "DS"). The top screen is where the game is viewed and played while the bottom touchscreen is used to change settings and make game and user level selections. Introduced in 2004, the original DS was followed by the DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL and the 3DS.

As of 2011, the DS family outsold all other products from the company, including the very popular Game Boy (introduced 1989), GameCube (2001) and Wii (2006).

The 3DS Autostereo Screen
Introduced in 2011, the 3DS provides a glasses-free 3D screen, using a parallax barrier that is adjustable to the amount of visual depth the user desires (see parallax 3D and 3D visualization). See video game console and gamer.

Popular with Kids
The Nintendo has been very popular with kids of all ages. With a year of gaming under his belt, the Nintendo DS keeps our four-year-old gamer quite entertained while mom shops.

Glasses-Free 3D With the 3DS
Like all DS models, the top screen shows the action, while the bottom one is used for configuration and selection. The 3DS also includes a front camera for putting the gamer's face into the scene, a rear camera for 3D photos and the Circle Pad (top) for more game control. See parallax 3D.
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