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(all: gäng`hwä`), administrative district (1995 pop. 64,746), 163 sq mi (422 sq km), of Incheon (Inchon) city, consisting of 29 islands in the Yellow Sea (or West Sea) off NW South Korea. Farming, especially ginseng and rice, and fishing are important occupations. The largest island, also called Ganghwa, was briefly the site of the Korean capital in the 13th cent. It was early fortified as an outer defense for Seoul and was stormed by the French in 1866 and by the Americans in 1871.
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Some 200 South Korean Marines and some 20 American service personnel stationed in Japan participated in the exercise in waters off Ganghwa Island in the Yellow Sea, where they sneaked into virtual camps of enemies, attacked targets and escaped from the sites, Seoul-based Yonhap News Agency reported, citing South Korea's Marine Corps.
Kazakhstan's Rishat Livensho won silver medal in the men's 65kg wushu sanda final match against Mohsen Mohammadseifi of Iran at the 2014 Asian Games at the Ganghwa Dolmens gymnasium in Incheon on September 24, 2014.
Taekwondo competitor Hussain Al Mazmi will be in action at the Ganghwa Dolmens Gymnasium in the minus 58kg category on October 3.
In July 2011, a 19-year-old marine conscript killed four colleagues in a shooting spree on Ganghwa island near the border.
The latest shooting spree at a Marine post on Ganghwa Island is utterly shocking.
It stretches from the tidal flats of Ganghwa Island on the western coast through abandoned farmland and meadows, crossing and encompassing streams and reservoirs, and traversing mountain after mountain until it reaches the eastern coast near Goseong, where the most beautiful beach in all of Korea has not seen a civilian footprint in more than 50 years.
The suspect in the arson at the Namdaemun gate, identified only by his family name, Chae, was arrested yesterday on Ganghwa Island, west of Seoul.
INCHEON, South Korea -- The biggest table-type dolmens in Korea that represent the culture in the prehistoric times are scattered around in Ganghwa and civilization began thousands of years ago on the islands of various sizes in Ongjin, which are scattered all the way up to the northernmost part of the Western Sea.
Contract awarded for Ganghwa I buy reservoir construction Electrical engineering CCTV installation
The shooting at a barracks on Ganghwa island, west of Seoul and near the tense sea border with North Korea, left four soldiers dead and one injured.
The corporal was on duty at Ganghwa island west of Seoul, a ministry spokesman said, adding the incident only involved South Korean forces.
They were seized in 1866 when French troops invaded Ganghwa island west of Seoul in retaliation for the Chosun dynasty s execution of French Catholic missionaries.