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in the broad sense of the word, a synonym for organized crime in the USA. Usually, gangsterism is understood as criminal activity expressed in violence, murders, intimidation, extortion, and bribery of state officials and party functionaries for the purposes of enriching members of the syndicates of organized criminals. In the hierarchical structure of organized crime these activities are carried out predominantly by those members of the syndicate (the “soldiers” or “buttons”) who merely carry out the decisions of the bosses, pass on the instructions of the leadership to the executors, and, considering the danger, isolate the leadership from the executors. Certain forms of gangster activities give criminal groups the character of simultaneously self-governing units and industrial enterprises that extract income from criminal business. These characteristics are demonstrated by the activities of the so-called enforcers, who undertake measures to slaughter or murder those members of the criminal groups whose loyalty is in doubt or to eliminate dangerous witnesses. Also typical are the activities of the so-called corrupters, who establish contacts with officials or other influential persons whose assistance is of interest to the group. The number of participants in organized crime in the United States has been estimated, according to official data, at 5,000 persons. However, by the beginning of the 1970’s, the actual figure had reached 200,000.

Today, gangsterism is increasingly becoming a force that serves the criminal monopolies as well as the interests of “big business,” as a result of the merger of these two groups. Gangsterism is used to combat the organized workers’ movement and to evade laws that limit the administrative or judicial-police powers vis-à-vis the workers. It is also used for terroristic operations, if the use of the punitive apparatus of the state, including the police, is considered undesirable. Characteristic of the USA is the use of gangsterism not only in business but also in politics—for example, in an electoral campaign to carry out illegal operations involving the falsification of the elections (falsification of voter registration lists, substitution of ballots, and the theft of ballot boxes). In one form or another, gangsterism is also found in the other capitalist nations.


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See also Outlawry.
Black Hand,
the sobriquet for the Mafia. [Am. Hist.: NCE, 1657]
Capone, Al “Scarf
ace” (1899–1947) Chicago mobster, famous gangland bootleg king. [Am. Hist.: Flexner, 73]
Cosa Nostra
secret organization akin to the Mafia; operates in the U.S. [Am. Hist.: Misc.]
Detroit Purple Gang
gangster mob of the 1920s. [Am. Hist.: NCE, 2018]
Godfather “father
figure” to the Mafia. [Am. Lit.: The Godfather; Am. Cinema: Halliwell, 297]
Krik, Benya
tough Jewish gangster of Odessa. [Russ. Lit.: Benya Krik, the Gangster]
Little Caesar
archetypal gangster. [Am. Cinema: Griffith, 269]
criminals are so revolted by the murder of several children that they search and capture the murderer. [Ger. Cinema: Halliwell, 256]
sinister crime syndicate promotes violence to achieve goals. [Am. Hist.: NCE, 1657]
organized crime unit throughout major cities of the United States. [Am. Hist.: NCE, 2018]
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What Cohen knew is that the heart of gangsterism is capitalism.
The resulting political culture was rotten; gangsterism oozed from every institutional pore.
Her life moves through banditry and revolution, mambo hedonism and brutal gangsterism, small-town banality and urban entropy.
When Prohibition ushered in a crime wave of gangsterism, kidnappings, and bank robberies, the people called out for peace, and the Bureau responded.
With the gangsterism, gambling, and prostitution of the pre-revolutionary era of the 1950s leaving bitter memories for many Cubans, Castro's government shunned Western tourism after the 1959 revolution up until the late 1980s.
Somewhat obscured by the gangsterism and materialism that dominate today's rap scene is an emerging aesthetic of entrepreneurship.
Faced with this dual menace of Communism and gangsterism, many citizens have been asking themselves: Why should we accord such a privilege to the Communist, who is out to destroy the very government that gives him this right to refuse to answer incriminating questions?
People's courts typically "tried" collaborators, enforced consumer boycotts, and controlled problems such as theft, rape and gangsterism.
But while the politically-based crimes of the seventies and eighties have been consigned to history books, they are often replaced by Soweto gangsterism ranging from carjacking to shootings.
A successful coup could help stem the tide of gangsterism and drug smuggling that is ebbing westward, and might even avert a Western depression.
Although overt gangsterism is declining in most of Eastern Europe, criminal groups are becoming more sophisticated, engaging in complex economic fraud, cybertheft and money-laundering.
The answers these three come up with may not also be perfect, but shooting dealers only breeds gangsterism and more bloodshed.