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, state (2001 provisional pop. 540,493), 2,745 sq mi (7,110 sq km), India. It is located in the E Himalayas and bordered by Nepal (W), by the Tibet region of China (N), by Bhutan (E), and by the Indian state of West Bengal (S). The capital and only town is Gangtok.
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capital of the principality of Sikkim. Situated in a mountain valley near the Natu Pass in spurs of the Himalayas; altitude, 1,900 m. It has a damp climate (yearly precipitation approaches 3,300 mm). Average temperatures: 8° C in January, 20° C in July. Population, 12,000 (1964).

Gangtok is one of Sikkim’s major commercial and transportation centers. Roads link it with the railroad junction in Siliguri and the airport in Baghdogra (India). A ropeway leads to the pass. Cottage industry is important; it includes woodworking, tanning, paper production, embroidery, and carpet weaving. There is also a printing press establishment, a publishing house, an electric power plant, and an institute of Tibetan studies. The city consists largely of single-story dwellings, but one can also see the modern stone edifices of hotels, movie theaters, and stores. The residence of the ruler of the principality stands at the top of a hill, together with a monastery that is a typical example of Tibetan religious architecture.


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a town in NE India: capital of Sikkim state. Pop.: 29 162 (2001)
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