Garabet Ibraileanu

Ibrăileanu, Garabet


Born May 23, 1871, in TirguFrumos; died Mar. 12, 1936, in Bucharest. Rumanian literary critic. Posthumously received the title of academician of the Rumanian Academy.

In his Criticism in Rumanian Culture (1909), Ibrăileanu showed that national democratic traditions developed in connection with the assimilation of European cultural values. He was the ideological leader of the journal Viaţa Român-easeă (Rumanian Life), which was published from 1906 to 1933, except during World War I (1914–18). Ibrăileanu supported the development of realism in Rumanian literature in his Notes and Impressions (1920), Rumanian and Foreign Authors (1926), Literary Studies (1931), and Culture and Literature (1933), among others.


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L'opinion de Sanielevici est largement partagee parmi ceux qui se sont occupe a diverses occasions de l'analyse de cette periode, Garabet Ibraileanu (168), Ctefan Zeletin (169), Tudor Vianu (170), Zigu Ornea (171) l'acceptant sans reserves (172).
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