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Sharjah The mother of a nine-day-old infant who was thrown down a garbage chute in a building in Al Taawun area in Sharjah is awaiting a judge's decision on whether she can breastfeed her child, an official at Sharjah police told Gulf News yesterday.
Contract notice: Remove garbage chute columns, creating outdoor spaces for containers and supply, installation and maintenance of shelters containers.
Sharjah The condition of a newborn baby who was thrown down a garbage chute in Sharjah is still critical, doctors have told Gulf News.
Contract award: pest control, pest control, disinfection and garbage chute local whitening of the buildings of heritage habitat 08.
Initial police investigation revealed that the dead baby was thrown in the garbage bin through a garbage chute of the building," he said.
Abu Dhabi: An autopsy has ruled out foul play in the dead of a man whose body was found at the bottom of a garbage chute in a building last week, Gulf News has learnt.
That was when the man said, amused, "Oh, and if I were you, I'd throw the empty pizza crust boxes in the main garbage chute down the hall, not the kitchen.
Providing And Fixing Of Dish Landing Table With Garbage Chute Garbage Table, Providing And Fixing Of Three Sink Unit , Providing And Fixing Of Clean Dish Table, Providing And Fixing Of Clean Dish Rack ( 5 Tier ), Providing And Fixing Of Wall, Three Burner Indian Cooking Range, Providing And Fixing Of Central Work Table, Providing And Fixing Of Chapat1 Rolling Table, Providing And Fixing Of Chapati Plate With Puffer All, Providing And Fixing Of Chapati Collection Table, Providing And Fixing Of Choping Table-All, Providing And Fixing Of Hot Bain Maire.
Cleaning contract - Common parts of buildings,- Offices Headquarters Mistral Home,- 6 local agencies and employees of building- Various voids and local housingand - Handling and maintenance of waste collection containers,- Housekeeping garbage chute and storage areas- Drain columns garbage chute,- Removal of monsters and garbage,- Maintenance of the immediate vicinity of buildings,- Maintenance of public garages and outdoor spaces,- Changing light bulbs in common areas of buildings
Contract disinfestations of common areas, mechanical rooms, units with full warranty and disinfection, sweeping columns and local garbage chute.
I took the initiative of placing waste segregation cartons outside the garbage chute on various floors of my building with a simple message: "Do your part to save Mother Earth.
She said: "For quite some time I had been seeing that residents in our building throw all waste -- kitchen waste, newspapers and magazines -- as general waste in the garbage chute.