Gardiner's Island

Gardiner's Island,

c.3,000 acres (1,210 hectares), in Gardiners Bay between the two flukelike peninsulas of E Long Island, SE N.Y. It was settled by colonist Lion GardinerGardiner, Lion,
1599–1663, English colonist in America. Under contract with patentees of Connecticut, Gardiner designed and erected (1635–36) the blockhouse at Saybrook, which he defended in the Pequot War (1636–37).
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 in 1639 as the first permanent English settlement in New York state and has been owned since by his descendants.
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Once occupied by Robert David Lion Gardiner, a descendant of the prominent Long Island family that has owned Gardiner's Island on Long Island or nearly 400 years, the current owner of the estate is Shahab Karmely, a New York-based real estate investor.
In mid-October, Martha Gellhorn, who was in New York and in touch with Hemingway friend Winston Guest, suggested that Patrick try to get permission to leave school to visit Winston's home on Gardiner's Island (off Long Island) for a "shoot.
First, she makes a point of the unique opportunity that a trip to Gardiner's Island would be and comments on the memory it would create for Patrick as an adult.
In Ernest's letter to Patrick about the thwarted trip to Gardiner's Island, he uses some choice, virile Hemingway language and continues to vent his feeling that he was deceived and unacknowledged by the school.
Other communication between the school and Pauline must have occurred because Pauline later writes in bewilderment to ask what happened to the Gardiner's Island plans (21 November 1942).
The Hemingway boys evidently visited Gardiner's Island more than once.