see GharyanGharyan
or Garian
, town, NW Libya, connected by rail and highway with nearby Tripoli. Many of the inhabitants live in a centuries-old subterranean town. A modern settlement was built (20th cent.) above ground by the Italians as a garrison.
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, Libya.
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Shoulders and surfaces garian / Groise mm 0/30: 1,500 m3
Using BMPs to rebuild cartilage and down-regulate inflammatory pathways is a new and exciting approach to managing the debilitating symptoms of osteoarthritis," said Richard Garian, DC, CCSP, one of the study investigators who also co-authored the paper.
garian m were y they Rooney had a shot cl off the line by Hughes stafter the break, but whleared traight hen he ran on to Anderson's pass he twisted the Northern Ireland defender both ways before firing in a left foot shot.
49%, respectively) were similar to those in neighboring Bul garian districts Kardjali and Haskovo (6% and 4.
Near Garian at the bottom of the Nafusa Mountains there was a camp of 1200 sub Saharan Africans locked up in pretty appalling conditions simply because they were sub Saharan Africans.
Wally's already has a reputation for supplying everything from Polish meats and pickles, Hun- garian salami, German hams, health foods, to ginger bread, Greek wines and olives.
Melkon Gharakhanian, who authorities say also used the name Mike Garian, pleaded guilty in January to one count of mail fraud.
Wolverhampton Wanderers' Hun- garian international Denes Rosa is expected to recover from injury to play at Championship leaders Reading tomorrow.
Using higher taxa as surrogates of species richness: a study based on 3700 Coloeptera, Diptera, and Acari species in Central-Hun- garian reserves.
Pal Garian Thomas said: 'I like talking to her and holding her hand.
Curiously, Schmidt-Gorg's source of information on the Matthes mill, Eineder's The Ancient Paper-Mills of the Former AustroHun garian Empire and Their Watermarks, excludes these other watermarks.
IMRE KALMAN'S THE CZARDAS PRINCESS HAS stood the test of time as one of the Hungarian garian composer's most treasured works.