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(Germsir, Germezir, Deshtestan), a strip of coastal desert approximately 80 km wide, along the shores of the Gulf of Oman and the Strait of Hormuz in Iran and Pakistan.

Garmsir is an inclined, proluvial plain, which turns into a seaside lowland that in places is marshy. The coastal strip is formed by several rows of sandy hills, which divide the strip into narrow valleys. The climate is tropical. The average temperature in January in the city of Jask is 19.4° C; in July it is 32.5° C. Precipitation is approximately 120 mm a year, with most of it occurring in the winter. The soil is primitive desert and, in places, solonchak. The vegetation (acacia, Prosopis, etc.) is mainly of a desert type and is more luxuriant along the river valleys. An abundant ephemeral grass cover develops in winter. Groves of date palm grow near settlements, and there are mangrove thickets in places along the coast. Cattle are pastured in the area.


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Seven Taliban members were killed and six were injured in airstrikes launched by the Afghan National Army (ANA) in Garmsir, Grishk and Nad Ali districts of Helmand province, the MoD said in a statement.
Marja, Nad Ali, Sangin, Khanshin and Garmsir districts in the restive Helmand province have been the scene of Taliban-led violent fighting over the past several months.
Maloney states the Canadian Army "cleared" Garmsir and Sangin in August 2006.
by Shams Jalal & Hidayatullah Hamdard on 21 April, 2014 - 17:21 LASHKARGAH/KUNDUZ (Pajhwok): The dead body of a Taliban's shadow governor for neighbouring Kandahar province has been found in the Garmsir district of southern Helmand province, sources said on Monday.
Karzai, in a statement posted on the president's website on Thursday night, said that a NATO drone strike on a house in Faqiran, a village in the Garmsir district, had killed at least one child and wounded two women on Thursday morning.
Summer days in southern Afghanistan are long and brutally hot, and the few dozen officers at the Garmsir headquarters of the Afghan National Police were relieved when, as the light slanted low over the Helmand River, the sunset call to prayer finally sounded.
The shooting took place on Friday night in the Garmsir district of Helmand province, not far from where three U.
Sgt Brelsford, 25, from Chilwell, Nottingham, was posthumously awarded the Military Cross for his part in the rescue of wounded comrades in a night-time gun battle near the town of Garmsir.
He added: "We were based in south Helmand in Garmsir and a typical day would see us out on patrol in the green zone, talking to the locals to find out what their needs were, but we were also in and out of contact with insurgents.
He was killed after the vehicle he was driving was hit by an improvised explosive device, in the Garmsir district of Helmand Province on September 25.
Corporal Matthew Thomas, of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, died when the vehicle he was driving was hit by an improvised explosive device in the Garmsir district of Helmand province on Saturday.
Captain Doug Beattie, 44, who was awarded the third highest military honour for taking and defending the town of Garmsir in 2006, will return in October with the Royal Irish Regiment.