A dense fog or drizzle from low stratus clouds on the west coast of South America, creating a raw, cold atmosphere that may last for weeks in winter, and supplying a limited amount of moisture to the area. Also known as camanchaca.



a city in northern Cameroon. Population, 20,000 (1960). It is a port on the right bank of the Benue River and serves the Republic of Chad as well as Cameroon. Its exports include cotton, peanuts, meat, wool, and hides. An airfield is located nearby. The production of peanut oil and the ginning of cotton are carried on. A cloth-spinning factory, which also supplies Chad, and a slaughterhouse are also located in Garua.



a dense, drizzling fog on the Pacific coast of South America, in Ecuador, Peru, and Chile. The garúa may last a long time during the six winter months. It is associated with the cooling of ocean air over the cold waters of the Peru Current. The term “garúa climate” is used to designate the climate of deserts located on the coasts of continents that are washed by cold ocean currents.

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Road and brick drain from dosut garua road to primary school via kathokari harujan tola under pakribarawan block under iap for the year 2014-15.
Since May also marks the beginning of the Garua (cool, dry) season in the islands, travelers enjoy average May highs of just 82A[degrees]F and daily snorkeling excursions are in waters with an average temperature of 76A[degrees]F.
Since May also marks the beginning of the Garua (cool, dry) season in the islands, travelers enjoy average May highs of just 82 F and daily snorkeling excursions are in waters with an average temperature of 76 F.
andersoni (Bezzi, 1915) Eristalinus flaveolus (Bigot, 1880) Eristalinus mendax (Curran, 1927) Eristalinus quinquelineatus (Fabricius, 1781) Eristalinus surcoufi (Herve-Bazin, 1914) Eristalinus vicarians (Bezzi, 1915) Eristalinus xanthopus (Bezzi, 1915) Eumerus aurifrons (Wiedemann, 1824) Eumerus bequaerti Herve-Bazin, 1913 Eumerus capensis (Curran, 1938) Eumerus dolichocerus TL: N Cameroon, Speiser, 1915 Garua.
The Biak Island artefact is remarkably similar to stemmed tools found on Garua Island, just offshore from New Britain, but, surprisingly, it was made instead from obsidian that outcrops on Lou Island (Figures 1 and 11).
The Biak stemmed tool might have been manufactured on Lou Island using the identical rare and difficult techniques used on Garua Island.
sahasa sadhi (8) 'having upheld' patisahi aradhi (8) 'having worshipped' pitrvai'ra uddhari (8) 'having avenged' maryada chadi (18) 'having abandoned' mukhacandra kari adhogati dekhi (22) 'having seen' raahni karo mukharavinda dekhi (36) 'having seen' dhari caranatala appia (38) 'having held' nina saja upekkhi (44) 'having noticed/observed' garua garua sunda mari (48) 'having killed/hit' kumbhodbhava kare niyama peli (48) 'having pushed/observed' sattu kari kittikallolini laghi bhela para (50) 'having crossed over'
No need for umbrellas: It rarely rains in Lima, but a dank heavy fog called the garua coats the city from June through December.
The members of the Focus Group were Molly Manukayasi, Ruby Zarriga, Susan Settae, Ume Wainetti, Hilan Los, Sarah Garap, Margaret O'Callaghan, Miriam Midire, Dorothy Tekwie, Lydia Garua Gah, Betty Lovai and Anne Ryan.
2000, Ridgely and Greenfield 2001) to more intact, higher elevation (250-750 m), misty garua forest in the hills of the Cordillera Chongon-Colonche (Agreda 2007).
A major aim of the archaeological project conducted on Garua Island, Papua New Guinea (FIGURE 1) has been to monitor changes in human behaviour over relatively long periods, rather than concentrate on short-term events, such as earliest colonization or the short period when Lapita pottery was used.
Ms Lydia Garua Gah * Business and Professional Women, Businesswoman, PO Box 277 Kimbe, West New Britain ACADEMICS PORT MORESBY: Mrs Betty Lovai * University Papua New Guinea Dr Anne Dickson Waiko * History Department, University Papua New Guinea (also executive member of the National Council of Women) Mrs Aileen Natera Teaches at UPNG in social work Ms Ann Dickson Currently completing PhD on National Council of Women, Lectures at UPNG on Gender and Development OTHER INDIVIDUALS PORT MORESBY Ms Anne Ryan * Deputy Principal, Port Moresby National High School Ms Ruth Dom Welfare Officer/ family counseller UPNG Ms Maria Kopkop Bambi Childcare