Gary plan

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Gary plan:

see progressive educationprogressive education,
movement in American education. Confined to a period between the late 19th and mid-20th cent., the term "progressive education" is generally used to refer only to those educational programs that grew out of the American reform effort known as the
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With his winnings, Gary plans to take his family on holiday to Florida next year, and buy a car.
During the next five years Gary plans to expand the care side, maybe through further acquisitions.
And this summer, Gary plans to celebrate his first anniversary as a solo singer with a song written for him by a famous admirer.
A people person with team building acumen, Gary plans to strengthen the team by building client relationships, bringing out the best in individuals, getting them engaged and keeping projects moving forward.
An apex top is also being made for the well and Gary plans to illuminate it by dropping in a string of waterproof coloured lights.
Whatever the result, Gary plans to crack open a few celebratory beers - having been on a self-imposed booze ban throughout his skate training.
Her policeman husband Gary plans to read out dozens of baby congratulations cards at his wife's funeral.
Sue is expecting their first child in next month, but Gary plans to continue taking new roles.
Although National Treasures does provide international miniature landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower, Gary plans to put Armagh Cathedral, Belfast City Hall and Scrabo Tower on the map first.
Now Gary plans to sue the burger chain for compensation for his nightmare in their branch in posh Knights-bridge, West London.
Gary plans to take a dream holiday in Australia, buy a new car and presents for his mum, brother Robert, 35, and sister Shona, 30.